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Momof2@36 started this conversation
I'm a single mom of two 14 boy and 11 well almost 11 girl. I work as a server 5 days weeks. I don't get child support help from their fathers it would be helpful if I did and I wouldn't worry about my financial situation. It's really stressful when I get behind on bills. Plus I gotta pay someone to babysit while I work
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littlelacie   in reply to Momof2@36
Maybe the thing to think about is to sit down and have a talk with the children. Maybe if you explained when they act up that you feel you have to pay for a babysitter for them and that takes the money that you need for other things. If they understand that, maybe they will then show a little responsibility and try to behave. I have been through that with kids, too. They straightened up when they really heard our situation. I was a divorced mother, worked night shift, also no child support. But the Attorney General's office took care of that for me, and they do not make you pay anything. Just get the case started by filling out the paperwork and they do the rest. You will be glad you did!I was so relieved. Please think about it.
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Momof2@36   in reply to littlelacie
Not all the time but some days I do. There been times where I caught them acting up and i feel safer them having adult supervion.
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Apply at state attorney generals office for child support assistance. The fathers will be served with papers to appear in court for a child support order. you pay for a babysitter for a 14 year old?
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